US Cryotherapy: Faster Recovery - Better Health

The First and ONLY Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) center in the United States!

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What to Expect

The first step toward faster recovery and better health is to ensure you have completed the Physical Readiness Questionnaire at our touch screen computer kiosks. The process takes less than 5 minutes, and is important in identifying any health conditions which may preclude you from using our whole body cryotherapy chamber.

After completing the questionnaire, our receptionist will review the various US Cryotherapy service offerings which include: whole body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy, hydro message, and wellness drink options. You will be given a treatment card that will be handed to our technician instructing them of your selected options. If needed, you can change into proper attire (see What to Wear page) using our full amenities bathrooms which includes personal lockers and private shower rooms.

Once you are ready to begin treatment, you will be given safety instructions by a US Cryotherapy staff member and our US Cryotherapy safety video which reviews important instructions to ensure an enjoyable experience. Prior to chamber entry, you will be provided with necessary protective wear (see What to Wear page).

Our whole body cryotherapy chamber can accommodate up to four people at one time, so bring family members or friends to share your experience. Cold air therapy in the whole body chamber is a dry air -- due to the lack of moisture (humidity) or wind chill, and is not painful like an ice bath or immersion. During the treatment, your skin temperature will decrease more than 30°F over 3 minutes (or less) inside the chamber; however, your core temperature will only lower slightly. You will immediately warm after exiting the chamber, with full range of motion in your muscles and joints, unlike water or ice treatments, where the joints remain stiff for hours.

During your experience you will listen to music to pass the time and an attendant will be monitoring your every movement through a large glass window at the technician station outside the chamber. The chamber doors are incapable of locking, so if you feel uncomfortable, you can easily exit the chamber at any time. If you are intimidated about going alone, no worries, our friendly staff is always available to go in with you!

Review the The Process section which diagrams your full US Cryotherapy experience.