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What to Wear

Because of the exposure to extremely cold temperatures, there are mandatory requirements for apparel to be worn in the chamber. You should arrive in or bring the following gym attire: Men recommended: (swimsuit or shorts, T-shirt, socks, and gym shoes). Women recommended: (swimsuit or shorts and top, socks and gym shoes). If you do not have gym shoes or socks, US Cryotherapy provides Kloggs and socks in various sizes for your use. US Cryotherapy will also provide a complimentary pair of gloves for your use at the chamber. You will be provided a headband to cover your ears, and a respiratory mask to cover your mouth and nose. If desired, you will be offered forearm and calf sleeve covers for hyper-sensitive skin. You will have covering for your (fingers, toes, nose & ears) which is simply precautionary. Please avoid wearing jeans, slacks, or other loose fitting clothing as they have a tendency to harden immediately, making walking more difficult. Shirts, shorts, and custom headbands are available for purchase at the Roseville center.

This short duration of exposure would be safe even without the protective apparel. However, US Cryotherapy insists that you wear the mandatory cover for your skin and respiratory protection and to maximize the benefits of your experience.

You should not exercise or shower prior to the chamber treatment. Any type of body condensation will freeze during exposure. It is recommended that you pat yourself dry with a towel before leaving the locker room, and do not apply lotions, oils, cologne or any alcohol based products prior to treatment.