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Post Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber Warm-Up Process

After exiting from the Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) chamber, it is recommended that light cardiovascular movement be performed for a period of up to 10 minutes to further promote re-warming within the muscles which creates a more favorable circulatory effect to bring fresh blood into the muscles and promote the flushing of stagnant blood within the muscle tissue which contributes to muscle swelling and inflammation.

Cardiovascular Equipment

US Cryotherapy is proud to provide premium TRUE Fitness cardiovascular equipment offering smooth movement, quiet operation, rugged durability, and advanced cardio technology for an extraordinary experience.

Cardio equipment selection at our location includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes. You choose the equipment right for you! All of our cardio equipment is outfitted with six preset training programs, one-touch quick keys, heart rate trackers, and other user friendly features to provide you with the best US Cryotherapy experience possible. Our helpful staff will assist you with getting setup on the equipment of your choice.

Stretching Equipment

US Cryotherapy provides a state-of-the-art TRUEStretch cage which is intuitively designed with bio-mechanically correct movements for safe, comfortable, and effective stretching. The TRUEStretch cage helps you look and feel better while reducing your risk of injury by eliminating the need for floor-based stretching. TRUEStretch comes with an easy-to-follow placard with over 30 full color photo-illustrated stretching exercises for effective stretching, all while keeping you in a natural upright position. Developed by internationally renowned physical therapist Gary Gray, the TRUEStretch cage is used by a number of top professional and collegiate teams, as well as many professional athletes and their personal trainers to maximize flexibility. Working on range of motion for targeted muscle groups can also help with creating a favorable circulatory response within the muscle tissue. Our friendly staff can assist you with some stretches which can be beneficial for your needs.


US Cryotherapy also provides stability balls, stretching bands, myofascial release equipment, and yoga mats to enhance your warm-up experience. If you need assistance with use of the equipment or have questions regarding stretching, ask one of our Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) on staff for your benefit.