Walnut Creek



Imagine walking into the coldest freezer on earth and staying inside for a 2 to 3 minutes. It sounds crazy, but thousands of people swear by it. 

Localized Therapy

Do you have specific body areas that need help? Maybe your knee is bothering you, or your ankle, hamstring, wrist, shoulder or elbow. Localized Cryo helps.

Hydro Massage Bed

Our clients find this is the perfect way to de-stress and relieve the body of toxins after their invigorating Cryotherapy treatment.

Cryo + Red Light Facials

Would you like to turn back the clock and have a younger looking face with less wrinkles? We can help.

Infrared Sauna

In our infrared sauna, you can relax comfortably while you detoxify, improve your circulation and purify your skin.

Normatec Compression

No matter your athletic level you can maximize recovery to help you look better, train harder and recover faster.

Vibration Plate

Imagine standing on something that is continuously moving in unexpected ways – what happens? Just about every muscle in your body goes to work to keep you upright.

Red Light Room (Human Charger)

Did you know that light is a lot like… food? Just as food is broken down into different vitamins and minerals, sunlight can be broken down into different colors.


Visit our e-store for exclusive specials, a la carte services, starter packs, monthly packages/passes, along with other deals such as group sessions. 

We are celebrating our grand opening this Saturday from 3 till 7. If you are in the area please come on in!
Our normal services will be from 11 till 2 on Saturday.
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Choose true whole body cryotherapy, there’s really no comparison.

Experience the difference today: www.uscryotherapy.com/location/walnut-creek/
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We’re here for the @pleasanthillchamber 🎨 & 🍷 Festival all weekend giving away free first time experiences.
🛑 on by and say 👋
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Leicester City Football Club takes their performance and recovery to the next level with regular cryotherapy usage.

The team’s head trainer, Dave Rennie, says that the cryotherapy chamber is the preferred recovery method.

In a recent interview, he told BBC News that, "The players like it because it’s a dry ice so not as harsh on the skin as ice baths…The players will often walk down the corridor afterwards looking light on their feet and feeling good in themselves. It also has a knock-on effect with sleep for that evening and the following evening."

Recover like a pro and try cryotherapy today!

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Curious about the benefits that whole body cryotherapy provides? Learn more by watching this informative video about the process your body goes through when exposed to cold shock.

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