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Cyrotherapy Technology - Chamber

US Cryotherapy cold air chambers are equipped with a patented electrical refrigeration unit, which produces cold air to the desired temperatures of -76° F to -166° F. In contrast, other cold rooms Cryo Saunas, and other cold chambers (none of which are currently available in the US) use liquid nitrogen to cool their rooms or devices.

Product Features

  • 4 Person Capacity
  • Pre-chamber at -76° F
  • Main therapy chamber at -166° F
  • Cryotherapy specific software
  • Remote control access and monitoring for maintenance and performance
  • Surveillance Video from inside the chamber
  • Intercom inside the chamber
  • Music inside the chamber
  • Visual contact at all times


  • Cryochamber
  • Control desk
  • Electronic control cabinet
  • Refrigerating engine
  • Condenser
  • Timer feature