$40 Special

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Take your first step to wellness with our 1st Timer Special.

Experience Tucson’s ONLY 4 person whole body & Non- nitrogen cryotherapy chamber plus two add-on services of your choice*.

WBC elicits a natural response in the nervous system, which helps reduce pain and inflammation on a whole body scale. WBC releases feel good chemicals and endorphins, which help relieve stress, enhance mood, improve sleep, and increase energy.

**Can substitute Whole Body Cryotherapy for Red Light or upgrade visit to include Red Light for $25 (*upgrade in-store only).

Leave our facility feeling amazing! Even if you don’t like being cold, this process will rejuvenate your body, skin and mind, and you will leave feeling warmer than when you arrived.

Cold air therapy in the whole body chamber is a dry fresh, oxygenated air so you won’t experience shivering, goosebumps or other reactions that you might associate with being cold. Because of this technology, unlike an ice bath or immersion, cryotherapy is not painful.

Enhances full range of motion in muscles and joints supports the circulatory response
stagnant blood within the muscle tissue is reduced or eliminated
increased blood and lymphatic flow

How it works



My first time and I was pleasantly surprised! The place is very hi-tech, the staff was inviting and explained the process and the additional services offered. They suggested packages and didnt make me feel.rushed even though I arrived shortly before they closed.
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Great customer service, clean and well-organized facility, various treatment options. A very nice place!
Mark F.
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I had a great experience here! The staff was very welcoming and the facility is clean. I got cryotherapy one of my favorite treatments. They also offer tons of other treatments such as red light therapy and compression therapy.
Sam B.
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Awesome place! The cryotherapy feels amazing, you feel so refreshed and good after. I also really loved the leg compression treatment. It's very clean, beautiful place, with really good treatments for overall health and wellness.
Alexander P.
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Exhilarating first time today using the whole body crying chamber! Came out feeling alert, energized and without pain. Staff was super friendly, fun and informative. Excited for the next 4 sessions!
Nubia G.
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