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At US Cryotherapy, we believe in your right to manage your relief and recovery naturally, safely and effectively.

What we do

Using Cold Shock Therapy, US Cryotherapy offers a unique, convenient, and energizing new service which promotes faster recovery and better health.

How we do it

Cold Shock Therapy stimulates skin sensors, activating the Central Nervous System. This causes a release of endorphins & accelerates recovery, while also elevating mood and energy.

What you get

This process flushes injured areas of swelling and inflammation, replacing it with new circulation to stimulate cellular regeneration.

Featured services

Choose your pick of two add-on services (Localized, NormaTec or Theragun) to go along with that whole body cryotherapy, for your $30 Pre-opening special!

whole body cryotherapy

Cold air therapy in the whole body chamber is dry fresh, oxygenated air. This process will rejuvenate your body, skin and mind.

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy targets a specific muscle area or spasm for a massive return of regenerative blood supply occurring after application.


Enhancing blood flow & speeding recovery, NormaTec employs
three techniques for recovery: pulsing, gradients & distal release.


Using precise frequency, amplitude & torque, to achieve the most effective vibration therapy to your nervous system, helping recovery.

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