Redding, CA

Whole Body Cryotherapy

2.5 to 3.5 minute whole body walk-in chamber treatment.

Localized Therapy

3 minute spot treatment in area of pain or inflammation

Hydro Massage Bed

Warm water hydro massage bed to relax muscles and improve circulation

Facial Rejuvenation

6 minute cold air facial to reduce pore size and redness and stimulate collagen production

Lipo Light Body Contouring

Painless, non-surgical solution to fat loss using red light therapy to emulsify fat cells for natural elimination

Vibration Plate

Lymphatic stimulation on vibration plate system

HOCATT Ozone Steam Sauna

Detoxifies the body on a cellular level utilizing ozone, carbonic acid, photon light, far infrared, PEMF, and other modalities

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Induces a flood of electrons to the body’s cells, helping them to function optimally by opening cell membranes


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WOW! The Maker Ninja Kevin Carbone just won $10K for scaling the MEGAWALL on American Ninja Warrior! Throwback to his epic buzzer at our Center 🤣 See MoreSee Less

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What can Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Cryotherapy really do for a burn? Dara experienced a 2nd degree burn, which became infected after 2 weeks. After a full round of antibiotics, her wound had not improved. She decided to try US Cryotherapy. On Day 1 after the first localized treatment, the pain was cut in half and she no longer needed pain medication. Dara continued her treatment with PEMF and cryotherapy, and her wound was almost completely healed by Day 9. In her own words, "SO glad I did this- no more infection! I only wish I had come to US Cryotherapy sooner!" Dara, YOU are our WHY! #healfaster #cryotherapy #pemf #thisisredding See MoreSee Less

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We ❤️ First Timers! There’s nothing more rewarding than watching the face of a new client as their pain is eliminated or dramatically reduced. YOU are our WHY🤗 #reduceinflammation #restoremobility #thisisredding See MoreSee Less

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Try US! Nitrogen-Free, Inflammation-Free Wellness. Oh, and Gluten-Free too #uscryotherapy #reduceinflammation #restoremobility #glutenfree #wellness See MoreSee Less

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